About Dalton Associates

It is our mission to make mental health services accessible to Ontarians; a mission that has not only allowed Dalton Associates to expand across and out of province but has ensured that the services we offer are of the highest quality, both clinically and administratively. We believe that the unique combination of our wrap around service model, strong administrative support, experience with partnerships and program development, accessible services, use of evidence-based mental health assessments, and quality assurance program set us apart from other providers in our industry. Dalton Associates also has the advantage of offering a large roster of qualified and experienced mental health practitioners (e.g., Registered Psychologists, Registered Psychotherapists, and Registered Social Workers), dedicated solely to direct client care, from which clients may choose. We are in essence, a “one-stop-shop” or “mental health services hub” and our services are covered by most private extended health benefit plans.

Our programming for emergency response personnel is guided by our knowledge of the occupational culture of public safety personnel (and the nuances of the different organizational and professional cultures within this overarching group), our commitment to working towards sustainable wellness with our clients, and our ability to work and integrate with existing resources (e.g., employee health benefits plans, internal peer support programs, specialized inpatient, and intensive outpatient programs, etc.) to support whole-person wellness.

Our Organization

Founded in 1995, Dalton Associates is a mental health services organization that provides specialized and quality assured psychological, psychotherapy, social work, and behavioural health services that are culturally sensitive, safe, accessible, and timely.

5,500+ Individuals, Couples, Families and Communities Served Annually

Locations in 75+ Ontario Cities and Towns

Services in 25+ Languages

In-Person & PHIPA and PIPEDA complaint and secure videoconferencing

Quality Assurance

Dalton Associates has a strong and well-developed clinical and administrative infrastructure built on a foundation committed to quality assurance. Our quality assurance program encompasses both our clinical and administrative practices, to ensure all areas of our practice are evolving towards greater success.

The Dalton Associates quality assurance program includes, but is not limited to, the following elements:

Professional development opportunities for our mental health professionals, to ensure continued development and improvement in clinical practice

Regular psychological and mental health supervision and consultation for our mental health professionals, to ensure clinical competence and excellence in all client interactions

Our First Responder Programs are developed in collaboration with First Responder Organizations and are informed by an independent First Responder’s Advisory Committee.

Service Approaches

Our organization’s service approach focuses on supporting our clients with effective and sustainable mental health and wellness services that are mindful of the uniqueness of every individual, couple, family, community, and organization, and is based on the following principles:

Shared care, equity in voice and choice, and representation among stakeholders

Integrated approaches to care that support whole-person wellness

Sustainable services

Focus on resilience, empowerment, and capacity building

Culturally safe and attuned services

Our Team

All of our clinical and administrative professionals are passionate about, and committed to, supporting the mental health and wellness of First Responders, those who work within first responder organizations, retirees from the field, and their families.

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